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Sowing Seed

I have had many people over the last 25+ years in some way or another ask this question in different ways when it comes to various ministries or outreach events..."Why do we do all of this work for so little results?" That has been asked by many people at the six churches I have served at over the years. It is the mindset of what's the use? I will now share with you a story from many years ago and one that came to me yesterday.
When I was in high school and in college, I had a lawn/landscaping business. Around March of every year, I would canvass neighborhoods with hundreds of flyers trying to build up my business. I would almost immediately start getting calls and very soon my schedule was full and there was no need to seek anymore clients so I would stop passing out the flyers.
The strangest thing happened though almost every year around August, I would begin to get phone calls just out of the blue asking me to cut their grass or do some landscaping jobs. I began to as…

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